Sexy Paris: Friends react to me sitting next to an attractive person in captive environment

He didn't put everyone to sleep
He didn’t put everyone to sleep

As outlined previously, I booked a relatively cheap ticket to go to New York for the weekend. My seat was taken by the elephant man and his carer, so I was forced to take the carer’s seat instead… Which just happened to be next to the face of Loreal.

Telling some friends we were to catch up for burgers in Paris, they reacted as follows:

Friend 1
I’ve previously spent time calculating that the odds of sitting next to and chatting up a hot girl on a plane are approximately 500:1.

So you only get one shot basically.

My chance unfortunately happened when I was 15, hope you do better than I did.

Working method:

1:2 chance of opposite sex
1:5 chance of appropriate age range
1:25 chance of high-to-extreme hotness
1:2 chance of cajoling into conversation
You’re welcome.

Friend 2
She was being polite. She will stand you up.

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