Media game: Marina Hyde bingo cards

For at least the last 8 years, my favourite regular columnist has been Marina Hyde in the Guardian. For a long time she was neck-and-neck with Hadley Freeman but eventually pulled ahead due to the comedic heft of her body. And if you can suggest any more bodily metaphors for that last sentence, I’m all ears.

Straight from the school of Clive James, her thrice-weekly columns are written with equal parts acerbic wit and intelligence, calling to account powerful and corrupt businessmen (inevitably not women) and politicians, or shining a light on that particularly British breed of daft celebrities, whose need for a spotlight belies their dimness.

In any case, as an avid reader I’m come to be quite familiar with her stylistic quirks, and favourite topics she hits on. These include repeated references to “you can be my wingman any day” from Top Gun, (which incidentally caused another columnist to accuse her of plagiarising it from him despite it fairly being a commonplace joke), to references to Boris Johnson’s trickiness in writing a pro- and anti-Brexit column “in order to clarify his thinking” in the days before the all-important vote, and her contempt for hate-peddlers such as Katie Hopkins.

As such, I’ve created a first round of Marina Hyde Bingo cards. Playing is simple: read her columns each week and tick off each reference when you see it. Once you have a full line, you have BINGO!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 02.41.39

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